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how to speed up internet connection

 how to speed up internet connection

There is how to speed up internet connection, be listened to before we discuss it if you need kertas minyak please click on the link.

there are some really one of his news by speeding up Internet connections in Windows 7/8 or modem you have, some say by changing the settings windows lah, lah use proxies, and now again the trend of using ssh, all that there is true and many are his wrong if you do not understand the flow of network traffic correctly.

do not blame the brand modem smartfren, Huawei, sierra, ZTE, prolink or the other because the brand has absolutely no effect, the only difference being the quality of resilience and facilities vary by brand modem is different, and it did not affect the speed of your Internet connection. therefore, you should see the good - good practice I browse the network structure of the Internet in recent years.
speed internet connection with a signal provider

hey guys, how good your internet connection settings if the signal provider you use it ugly yes tetep slow aja: D. so you should see the first signal providers with the help of software, I recommend using the application mmd x, there will be seen how dBm signal whether the operator in your area, record -50 is the best signal as you stand beneath its tower bts provider: D, and - 113 dBm is the carrier signal in your area is ugly and you can appeal its right alone is not a good signal quality in your modem.

If you are experiencing reception signal ugly in your area to cope with her you can use an antenna modem is now already fragrant scattered in cyberspace the work of the nation useful and creative, you can buy online or create your own, for example brand antenna me recommend you can see in the picture below.
yagi antenna to strengthen the signal

antenna on the side of this is a yagi antenna which in my opinion is the antenna of the most power full to amplify the signal with a modem that has a socket for connecting to the antenna with the aid of a pigtail that has been available in the virtual world or you may find yourself in google pigtail that is suitable according to the brand your modem, but his usual pigtail has been provided by the seller in order to facilitate pengoprasianya modem antenna. and I also use the antenna in my home, and its results are very memuas right all the operators no signal of her and my internet connection is becoming more stable and a maximum speed corresponding operator services provide.

Bolic pan antenna to speed up the connection
well if this is the antenna pan Bolic made from the pan, paralon etc. You can create your own or you can buy through online marketplace, this antenna is also very helpful for poor signal provider in your area.

nah signal when the problem is resolved, you try to test the difference, compare the speed when the signal is bad, and when the signal is strong or good, definitely different: D. and preferably if the signal in your area ugly it would be a good idea to use the antenna as it will memperawet age modem, because if the signal ugly modempun heat and the main disadvantages of electronic goods is hot, so if it happens then automatically your modem will be broken, believe me - believe me: D
pay attention to the speed of your modem for fast Internet

many people who bought the modem abroad - random, do not look at the quality but the price. and believe me this is very influential to your internet speed, his example if you buy a modem at a low price as well as her you ask, how many Mbps whether the modem speed?
sample sequence modem speed

    3.6 Mbps
    7.6 Mbps
    14 Mbps
     21 Mbps
    28 Mbps
    42 Mbps
    100 Mbps

nah it was the order of the speed of the modem, if your modem speed is equivalent to QoS (Quality Of Service) were given a single operator or more levels, then you will get a faster internet connection and stable. My advice do not select modem brands odd - odd, the brand that I recommend is Huawei, because it seems to me modems modem the most resilient and very many of my friends are using a modem for the brand since it was tested itb and ipb.hehe and another one of her price range variety of cheap until cool. clear that the modem is a modem that is heat resistant and relatively durable, principally the recommendation that was.

if the signal and the modem has been steady and your internet connection is slow you also check this again.
check the limit of your internet package

If you register a view internet package was QoS that is given operator, but btw ente do not know how to look QoS? if not know ente can be seen on the website operator or using an application mmd x you can see on the front page of what QoS is given.

Indonesian operator usually melimit its QoS of 7.2 Mbps, and if you want to get the maximum speed you should buy a modem over its QoS speed, and if you are not satisfied with the speed much for example the speed of 7.2 Mbps on the download via idm is 7200/8 = 900 kbps well that is the maximum speed of your internet speed, will in gimanain also vow not going to pass that much, most of your efforts is to maximize and stabilize the kecepatanya in order to get internet speeds responsive.

I think if your state has met the three conditions above, I guarantee your internet connection has been rapid and steady.
time can speed up internet connection

loh why the time ??

yeah bro, because when you download sometimes - sometimes very influential, for example, you use the internet during peak hours or working hours, usually tuh-frequency signal disturbed so much data is lost or missing because so many users. if I think and friend - a friend of the virtual world is the most appropriate time for downloading or browsing are 12 hours until the morning, or friends in the virtual world used to call hours pocong, because the clock that much usually people rarely use the internet. so you get access signal not disturbed by others and automatically access to upload and download your data will be faster, it makes sense right.?. hehe
indirection trick speed internet connection

if you are often in the way of speeding up an Internet connection with a proxy, ssh or vpn. believe me it was a hoax just for its economic interests him only: D

there is really his when hosting or storage of its files according to the proxy is in use, for example, you're in a foreign country his example in amrik well you want to download something on the site indowebster the location of its servers in Indonesia, well since Indonesia and amrik it away so transfer it will be very slow, to address issues such as the role of this new ssh and vpn proxy in need, it is also not haphazardly you must have ssh or vpn proxy that the location of its servers in Indonesia, new deh you get maximum speed.

Thus how to speed up internet connection, then we discuss about Cara menyehatkan tulang belakang please click on the link.

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