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5 Tips to Safe Surfing the Internet

 5 Tips to Safe Surfing the Internet

Here's 5 Tips to Safe Surfing the Internetlet's be listened to before we discuss it if you need kertas minyak please click on the link.

Tip 1 With the growing OS in the world of computers, the OS can be said to be "old" has a level of security risk is quite high. Sometimes there is an incoming data without us knowing when connected to the Internet network and that data can be either a virus or malware. The risk of exploits against older OS also tend to be higher. The first way to combat that is to upgrade the OS that you use the latest version to date. But if your PC does not support the specification, you can also do an OS update regularly.

Tip 2 Use the browser according to the specifications of PC / Laptop and make sure it is the latest version of the browser, because the browser sometimes can also be a major cause of problems in a PC while we were busy surfing the internet.

Tip 3 Use Anti-Virus which has real-time protection and also features a good firewall. This could be a key to protection when the PC / Laptop connected to the internet. You can use the Anti-Virus MSE or Windows Defender because its use is easy and free, but if you want to use third-party anti-virus, you can use Avast Free Anti Virus.

Tip 4 Do not be careless when he saw an advertisement that are wooing you to use services or to download the product. Sometimes the ads on the website is also a point of tremendous problems. How come? Because it is not uncommon spam or ads that are made with very interesting that turned out to contain the virus. One mode is frequently used is the invitation ads that ask you to download any kind of tool to fix Windows system but in fact the tool is actually containing malware or adware that damage Windows.

Tip 5 Do not use Downloader or Download Accelerator from any file sharing sites. Typically these tools have been inserted by a toolbar that will appear in the user's browser when installed.
Even some cases also the appearance of ads that are spam is very annoying due to adware that is inserted in the tool. If you want to use the software downloader and download accelerator, make sure you're using software that has been trusted as IDM or EagleGet.

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