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How so your blog indexed quickly google

How so your blog indexed quickly goole

Here's How so your blog indexed quickly google, let's be listened to before we discuss it if you need kertas minyak please click on the link.

1. Notice Konsten Quality.

This is a good first step and should do so as quickly google indexing your posts. Looking for a good headline or topic by doing keyword research to write the article.

It must be quality content writing.

Never do a copy and paste raw belongs to someone else. Please write down your understanding, create content with 500-600 words and write content on a regular basis at least 1 day 1 post.

2.Bangun Backlink Good

Improve the quality of backlinks one way to increase traffic to your blog. More and more visitors to your blog will get its own rank in the eyes of Google.

Do not be too aggressive build backlinks, not to find backlinks in repeatedly if you do not want considered spam by google.

Try to build quality backlinks with perhalan in order to look good in the eyes of Google.

The following baclink good for the blog.

-Commenting on other people's blogs.
-Being a guest posting on other blogs.
-Make the Internal Link

3.Penggunaan Social Networking Sites

Now social networking is a very high quality backlinks.

Google +: To get quality backlinks you have to maximize your google account plus, because now google plus social networking sites at the URL count by the google backlinks.

Facebook: social networking site in duni nome one is suitable for promotion for your blog crowded, you can maximize the functionality Facebook account.

Twitter: tweet 140 characters sharing site can also be a backlink to your blog.

4.Spesial Commenting on Blog

Although I mentioned above, but in commenting on the blog, you should seek setopik blogs or blogs that are good for comment, so that your blog is safe from raids google because when commenting on blogs that are in warning Google is not very good to your blog, can lead to de-index or considered spam by google.

5. Using the tool automatically ping

Here should attention to you is do not use often pinged automatically, because it is not safe for your blog.

Use automatic ping well. like google ping, pingoat and others

Thus the discussion How so your blog indexed quickly google, then we discuss about cara merawat anak agar tidak sakit please click on the link.

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