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LulzSec hacker cluster says net rampage over

Lulz Security hacker cluster said that it's ended an online rampage that included cyberattacks on videogame firms, police and even the CIA's web site.

"For the past fifty days, we've been disrupting and exposing companies, governments, typically the overall population itself, and quite presumably everything in between, simply because we tend to may," the cluster said in an exceedingly message uploaded to The Pirate Bay file sharing web site on Saturday.

"It is time to mention bon voyage," the message concluded. "We should currently sail into the space."

The Lulz farewell contended that the cluster had a crew of six individuals and implied the arrange from the outset was for the hacking campaign to last fifty days.

While it remained to be seen whether or not members of the cluster would really stop bedeviling the web, it had been unlikely police would abandon efforts to trace them down.

Lulz Security has claimed responsibility for hacking the websites of the Central Intelligence Agency, US Senate, Sony and others.

On Thursday, the cluster released many documents from the Arizona Department of Public Safety in its latest cyberattack.

Lulz Security, or LulzSec, provided a link to the quite 700 documents on its web site, LulzSecurity.com.
The cluster said it had been protesting Arizona's immigration laws.

The documents included info on drug cartels, street gangs, informants, border patrol operations and also the names and addresses of members of the Arizona Highway Patrol.

Lulz Security said in an exceedingly message at the time that it planned to unharness a lot of classified police or military documents weekly.

"Behind the mask, behind the insanity and mayhem, we tend to actually believe within the AntiSec (anti-computer security) movement," Lulz Security said.

A British teenager suspected of involvement with the Lulz Security hacking spree has been remanded in police custody in London.

Ryan Cleary, 19, was arrested at his home in Wickford, southeast England, as a part of a quest by Scotland Yard and also the US Federal Bureau of Investigation into Lulz Security.

On Wednesday, British police charged Cleary with targeting the web site of Britain's Serious Organized Crime Agency -- the British equivalent of the FBI -- with a Distributed Denial of Service attack.

DDoS attacks overwhelm websites with requests, inflicting them prevent or be inaccessible.
Lulz Security has staged variety of DDoS attacks on websites, together with that of the CIA, however the cluster has
also dispensed variety of large-scale information thefts.

"In the Lulz cluster, they apprehend what they're doing when it involves breaking into places," PandaLabs technical director Luis Corrons told AFP.

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