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School computer lab to visit the city to provide training

Nazeem Khan's eyes light on a decade when he was in his hand a tablet PC. Portable gadgets fascinated, he has only seen a computer on the desk. With a glint in his eyes he was the tablets and said he was out there late to start learning how to use laptops and tablets to use.

"We have computers in our school library I do not know how to operate it .. But today I learned how to search Google and use a tablet PC," says Nazeem.

Nazeem and about 50 other students of Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya, Nehru Vihar, on Thursday not only learn about search engines, but also how to shop using the internet or find their way into the city using Google Earth.

  All this is made possible by a team of coaches at the council's Wheels of Hope "bus in a computer lab with a notebook, netbook and tablet convertible. The vehicle was left was marked on 29 November by Samsung in collaboration the Times of India, as part of the "Wheels of Hope Program" was.

The bus will take approximately 40 Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) and government schools in the national capital region (NCR) visits students on how the Internet and new technologies and products available in the market to turn to feed.

About four coaches traveling on the bus, and each group of about 15 students were trained for 20 minutes. "We try to reach some 250 children from class V to VIII, in a single day," said Tuhin Mukherjee, anchors and coaches involved in the project.

JS Shin, President and CEO, Samsung South West Asia, said: "Education is a key focus area of ​​corporate social responsibility programs of our new project" Samsung Wheels of Hope's aims to open doors for young technology students. Who does not have access to computers and the Internet in their schools and homes in 2012, Samsung aims to disseminate the program to more cities in the country .. "

The bus will go to the city schools until the third week of December.

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