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Discontinued Backlink Analyzer Link Popularity Software

What is was  Back Link Analyzer?

A free link popularity / link analysis tool. It shows what anchor text is linking into a page or web site. For years it completely was powered by Microsoft Search data & the Yahoo! Search API. However, Microsoft stopped providing a public provide of link data & Yahoo! recently discontinued their API. that the software can still be used to check/verify a list of links you already acknowledge of (such as reciprocal link trading parterns, or a list of links from another tool) however it isn't helpful for pulling backlink data from public search engines.
Alternatives to Backlink Analyzer

It is sad to announce the retirement of this tool, but there are currently many on-line alternatives...

    * Blekko offers scores of SEO data, along side links (here are examples for link: & linkdomain:)
          o the only recoil to Blekko data is their 3 billion web page database tends to be to a somewhat tiny when place next against either Bing or Google, thus variety of the weaker links won't appear in their database & they will have weaker coverage of non-US sites.
    * Google & Bing have webmaster tools offerings.
          o the only downsides to those are
                + you always ought to be a verified webmaster to use them
                + you will be ready to solely pull data for your own websites
                + if you'd wish to keep anonymous to the search engines you will be ready to use some third party SEO tools, or a regional search engine that options a webmaster tools section, like Yandex.
    * Web-based SEO tools have come a protracted approach since we have a tendency to tend to created this tool. every Majestic SEO & Open web site Explorer are nice link sources.
          o the only downsides to those are that they are paid services. However, they need an inclination to possess increased usability over the free product since they are paid tools. and every allow you to try to to before you get.
                + SEOmoz (makers of OSE) provide a free one-month trial.
                + Majestic SEO permits you to tug data on your own web site free & offers a free browse of historical link trend data.
    * another search services (like Exalead) additionally supply link: data, but there are not many web-scaled search services living & most freelance search services deem either Bing or Google data as their backbone.

Before Downloading (a few usage notes)

If it isn't operating here are some things to want note of

    * off the start if it does not work you'll ought to click the preferences button (the one with a pair of check marks on it) to de-check the "use proxy server" chance if you're doing not want to use a proxy
    * click cyber web service chance on Yahoo! and/or Microsoft to tug data from them using their API programs
    * to tug data from Google you would like an API key (which is no loger publicly obtainable...but that is ok as they show bogus link stats anyhow)
    * Norton (or equivalent) would possibly block it
    * ensure you set the result limit count to a reasonable vary (like 100 or 1000)
    * you've to choose a minimum of 1 engine to tug link data from
    * if you'd wish to enable PageRank, site age, etc. you've to see those choices
    * you can not get the keyword define until the tool is finished pulling in all the links

Download Back Link Analyzer

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