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Computer virus fraud warning for Wakefield residents

FRAUDSTERS are leaving elderly of us across the city with computer viruses and hefty repair bills.

Pensioners have reported getting phonephone calls from of us claiming to be Microsoft staff who have identified faults with their computers.

The con artists then offer bogus recommendation over the phone, tricking their victim into allowing them access to private files.

They then demand money for finishing up a “repair” once they need terribly merely infected their victim’s computer with a virus.

Computer repair specialists say they have been receiving up to thirty infected systems a month all of that are victims of the scam.

Stuart Ward, of Wabsys, in Horbury Bridge, said most of these customers required repairs costing a minimum of £65.

He said: “These scammers are jettisoning what's going to solely be described as a ‘bomb’ that disables abundant of the victim’s computer. The injury is style of comprehensive.

“They are really convincing and chronic and if the victim refuses to pay then they produce positive they will got to fork out for repairs.

“It is also a awfully huge disadvantage throughout this area at the moment.”

An Ossett pensioner, who didn't got to be named, said she had been merely led as a results of her computer had recently not been operating properly.

She said: “The man said he would attempt to facilitate me but zero.5 means that through I realised it had been a scam. By this point he had hacked it absolutely.”

David Lodge, of West Yorkshire Trading Standards, said: “Allowing someone remote access to a computer may leave personal details exposed.

“These scams are perpetually going spherical and our recommendation is to treat any calls received out of the blue with suspicion.”

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