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AMD Explains the because of Get Your Rig prepared for Bulldozer

Adam Kozak, product selling manager at AMD, has just printed a blog post on the AMD web web site titled, “Get Your Rig prepared for the AMD FX Processor”. As you'll be able to in all likelihood surmise from the title, Adam outlines the steps necessary for do-it-yourselfers to urge their machines able to work with upcoming AMD FX 8-Core processors, a.k.a Zambezi, that are primarily based on the Bulldozer vogue.

In the post, Adam talks concerning obtaining the proper motherboard, i.e. a socket AM3+ motherboard primarily based on the 9-Series chipset (a few that we've an inclination to reviewed right here), flashing it with a Bulldozer compatible BIOS or UEFI, and he throws in an exceedingly plug for a few Radeon HD 6000 series graphics. “To unleash the pliability of the AMD FX CPU when it launches, you’ll within the finish would really like an equally powerful graphics card. AMD recommends matching the AMD FX CPU with an AMD Radeon HD 6850 graphics card or higher.”

Although an AM3+ motherboard is sometimes counseled, it’s probably some motherboard makers can enable Bulldozer support on AM3 motherboards any though a BIOS or UEFI update, however the extent to that those boards are going to be ready to exploit the pliability saving selections of AMD’s upcoming processors isn't nonetheless known.

“Follow these steps to form positive your laptop is totally equipped to expertise the unlocked and unrestrained power of AMD FX when the CPU hits the market this quarter”. Now Adam, once you say “this quarter”, do i mean next week? Next month? December perhaps? just kiddin’, folks. we tend to tend to all or any perceive when Bulldozer is launching, and so are you ready to, soon enough.

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