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Universal Shield 4.4

This application simply hides, protects, and encrypts your necessary knowledge

Universal protect by Everstrike Software is that the final protection utility for your pc - hide files, folders, and drives, and set access rules using versatile security mixtures for your most precious knowledge.

A unique feature of Universal protect is that the good combination of knowledge hiding and encrypting. This feature is extremely necessary today when everyone is aware of that data is cash, and data security and protection is extremely necessary.

The program has been particularly designed to be the foremost versatile security tool on the market, appropriate each for home use and in company environments.

Universal protect options embody hiding files, folders, and drives on native|an area|a neighborhood} pc from local users, as well as administrators; setting access rights for specific files and disks; and preventing the deletion of specific files. Password-protect your knowledge, program start-up, or program uninstall.

Secure your knowledge not solely from native users, however network and web users still. Use hotkeys to point out and conceal folders while not really running the program. Or, run the program in Stealth mode so different users don't realize it. Set trusted processes, which is able to not be below protection; for instance, some program can work with the hidden knowledge, however users are unable to access that knowledge.

The new Universal protect includes a spread of latest options. knowledge encryption is processed with the assistance of 9 algorithms. a spread of security tricks is on the market still - you'll be able to prohibit access to folders like My Documents, Favorites, and History, still as prohibit access to the management Panel, or stop desktop and date/time adjustment.

The remake additionally contains a wizard, which incorporates an choice of proscribing personal folders and settings, still as files/folders/drives protection, a hiding professional, and a knowledge encryption master.

Here are some key options of "Universal Shield":

· Ability to cover files, folders, or drives from all different users (including the administrator).
· Encrypts files and folders.
· A mask that permits you to cover file teams (for example, c:\*.doc).
· Ability to line permissions (Read, Write, Visibility, Delete) for any files, folders, and drives. for instance, you'll be able to build your files scan solely and build it not possible to delete them.
· An access lock on your non-public folders and settings (My Documents, Favorites, management Panel, web History, and thus forth).
· A protection wizard.
· Password protection for files, folders, and drives.
· Unlimited range of objects to guard.
· Access restrictions on your knowledge against native network users still as web users.
· Password-protected begin of Universal protect.
· Password-protected uninstall of Universal protect.
· Use of hot keys to start out Universal protect and to vary the protection mode from different Windows applications.
· Trusted processes that permit you to specify the method which will override the protection.
· Stealth Mode that permits you to cover the program from people.
· Ability to lock your Windows desktop so users cannot delete, add, or modify the shortcuts and icons on your desktop.
· Adds files and folders via an Explorer menu command.
· permits protection automatically if the pc has been idle.
· Protects files and folders even in Windows Safe Mode.
· High-level protection.
· High performance rates.
· Multilingual interface.
· Support of FAT, FAT32, and NTFS systems.

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