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How to Add Google Analytics to Blogger

Do you know which websites refer the most visitors to your site? Or the most common keywords used to find your site? Google Analytics can provide the valuable answers to these questions, and many more.

  1. Open a Gmail account if you don’t already have one.
  2. Create a Google Analytics Account.
  3. Click on: 'Add Website Profile.' Installing Google Analytics does not require knowledge of HTML, but there is a piece of HTML code that must be copied onto your blog.
  4. In the box, enter your URL. (For example: www.yourwebsite.com or yourblog.blogspt.com.)
  5. Set your Country and Time zone, and hit Continue.
  6. Highlight the tracking code displayed in the large box and 'Copy'.
  7. Sign into Blogger. Click on the 'Layout' Tab, then click on 'Edit HTML'
  8. Click on 'Download Full Template' to back up your template onto your computer. It's always a good idea to back up your template before you make any changes.
  9. Scroll down to the bottom and paste the tracking code just before the closing 'body' tag. If you are using the Asynchronous code, the instructions may be to place the tracking code before the close of the 'head' tag.
  10. Press 'Save Template' to save the changes.
  11. Back in Google Analytics, click on 'Check Status' or 'Verify Tracking Code' under the Status column. Once your tracking code has been verified, the status will change to: 'Receiving Data.'
 Source : www.wikihow.com

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